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"Rituals connect us to the wisdom of our ancestors, reminding us of our place in the continuum of time and culture."

Malidome Somé

About our rituals

A ritual is a sacred process. As humans, it is our divine birthright to be in deep relationship with the Creator of all things. Rituals are a tool to actualize that relationship and in doing so, begin to consciously work together to create your entire life experience. 

We are creators by nature. We are constantly creating our experience and thus the collective shared experience of all, whether we are conscious of it or not. We are designed this way. We are designed to be so deeply connected to our environment and experience that we are able to influence it and thus create.

The purpose of a ritual is to connect with the divine and through that connection, create. Our rituals work with energy also known as the subtle realms of reality. We connect to the energy through the elements: air, water, fire, earth, aether and with the help of spirit.

We offer products infused with our rituals. These products are like a spell in a bottle. Through simple application, you are infusing yourself with energies that will support you in manifesting and creating the life you desire.

Image by Andriy Tod

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