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  • The presence of fullerenes in shungite is notable because these molecules have unique properties. Fullerenes are known for their antioxidant capabilities, as they can effectively scavenge free radicals due to their shape and electron configuration. This antioxidant potential has led to investigations into potential health benefits.


    Elite noble shungite, being the highest grade of shungite, is believed to contain the highest concentration of fullerenes. Some proponents claim that elite noble shungite's fullerene content enhances its purported healing properties, including its ability to neutralize EMFs, purify water, balance energy, and aid in physical healing processes.



    Elite Noble Shungite

    • Benefits:

      Neutralize EMFs

      Composed of 90% Carbon

      Purifies water

      Balances energy

      Aids in physical healing processes

      Heals pain and inflammation


      EMF shield around electronics

      Water purfier

      Pain reliever

      Physical use to support personal healing


      Shungite is a mineral composed mainly of carbon. It is unique because it contains high concentrations of fullerenes, particularly the C60 fullerene, also known as buckminsterfullerene. Elite Noble Shungite is the highest grade of Shungite and contains the most potent properties as it is composed of over 90% carbon. Carbon is the building block of life and holds many healing properties.

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