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  • A healthy alternative to sunscreen or sun tan lotion. This product is made with the highest quality exotic oils from the Amazon Rainforest. These oils have been used for centuries by indigenous people to maintain beautifully bronzed and sunkissed skin while also protecting from harmful radiation. This product is packed with healing compounds to nourish the skin and body at the cellular level. 


    Intention: Radiance, Star-Power, Shine, Vitality

    This oil is infused with intentions to align with the power of the sun. 





    Skin benefits:

    gives the skin a natural glow

    absorbs radiation in the range of visible and ultraviolet light

    rich in antioxidants

    encourages the skin to produce new healthy skin cells

    improves the skin's texture and elasticity

    protects the skin against damage caused by UV radiation

    helps preserve sun tan


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