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We are here to restore the power of ritual and remind humanity of the m a g i c of mother nature

Our products are infused to help you become the energy you wish to attract. Our offerings support you in manifesting the things you desire while nourishing you at the c e l l u l a r level. 


Our products are rooted in four main principles:

HEALTH, energy, ritual, and s p i r i t.


We craft physical products made with the highest quality organic ingredients that will nourish your skin and body at the cellular level. We offer a number of spiritual services rooted in the foundation of ritual that are intended to align your spirit with the energies you desire.

Everything is energy. This includes you. Every human is a spiritual/energetic being just as much as we are physical beings. We each contain a personal energy field or aura. This field of energy is a spiritual expression of all that you are. 

A fundamental principle of energy mechanics is the fact that you must become the energy you wish to attract. If you want wealth and abundance, you cannot manifest it from a place of lack. If you want love and relationship, you cannot manifest it from a place of negativity. You must become it first, and then you can attract and manifest it.

Our products work with your body and energy field to help you align with the energies you wish to attract and create in your life.



Ritual is a sacred practice. It is a form of energy mechanics that allows you to connect to the spiritual/energetic realms and co-create your reality. Everyone can benefit from the power of ritual, regardless of your religious beliefs. Rituals can serve as a complementary practice to any religion. 

We connect with the energy through the elements - air, fire, water, earth, aether - to create a desired outcome. Our traditional rituals contain something from each element, and when they are put together in a particular fashion, an outcome is set in motion.



Spirit infusions are an offering that combine skincare with spiritual ritual. Our spirit infusions contain the same high quality ingredients as any of our other products while also containing extra ingredients designed to infuse your being with the energy of things you wish to manifest.


Herbs represent the Earth element and are a powerful tool for connecting to spirit. Every plant, every herb, has a unique energy signature or frequency. When we combine certain herbs and program them with intention, an outcome is set in motion. We also perform a full ritual over all of our spirit infused products to amplify their power and ability to align your energy field with the energy of the things you desire.


The energetic level of reality is also known as the subtle level. that said, results often happen subtly at first. With consistent use, the results become more drastic. We must pay attention to anything that happens pertaining to the intention set. When we notice things happening, regardless of how big or small, we call that movement. By intentionally tuning your aura, you can better manifest the things you desire. Our products help you to become the things you wish to attract


about A U R A S

An aura is an energy field or subtle emanation that surrounds all things. Scientifically, an aura can be understood as an electromagnetic field. It is the energetic sum of your entire being at any moment in time. Your aura is constantly changing and is a reflection of who you are on an energetic level. 

Our products work to tune your aura and the energy of your space to help you manifest the things you desire.

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