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Live the energy of the things you wish to attract



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powered by mother nature

We believe in the science of spirit. We believe in the healing power of Mother Nature. We trust in her magic. All products are created with 100% organic materials ethically sourced from around the world.


Our products are designed with intention. Not only are they healing to the human body, but they are also programmed to enhance manifestation. Click to learn more.


infuse yourself

with the frequencies of your choice

Manifestation is real and it is mastered through a clear understanding of energy mechanics. Everything is energy. When you align with the energy of the things you wish to manifest, you become that frequency and thus attract it into your life. 

Our products are designed to enhance manifestation. Infuse yourself with the frequencies of the things you wish to attract. Want more love? Tap in to the love frequency. More prosperity? Tap into the abundance frequency.

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Spiritual bathing is the most effective way to directly influence your own energy field. Infuse yourself with the energies of your choice.​


Interested in the power of ritual work? Join us for monthly moon rituals to develop a deeper connection with spirit, the earth, and the natural elements. Our rituals involve candle magic along with the use of organic herbs, spiritual waters, and the power of intention to bring about change in your reality. Subscribe to receive a monthly ritual box with all of the necessary supplies along with access to exclusive rituals via zoom.

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We offer unique sound healing sessions to bring about well being in mind, body, spirit.


Part of our mission is to educate our supporters on all of the products and services we offer. Visit our blog for more information on energy mechanics, manifestation techniques, spiritual baths, rituals, sound healing, and more.

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