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The body is the sacred instrument through which we experience l i f e, and our rituals are the melodies that harmonize our existence.

Marianne Williamson

We combine high quality skincare with spirit and science

Bare Neck

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Anything you apply to your body influences you on a cellular and energetic level. The human energy field is influenced by the products we use on our body and the things we consume whether we are conscious of  it or not.  

When we become conscious of the information we are inputting into our bodies via the food we eat, the products we consume, etc. we can then work consciously to use these things as tools rather than allowing them to unconsciously drive and influence us on a subtle level.


Our products are potently charged with intention to help you align with the energy you desire. By applying our oils to your body, the information of the intention is transferred to your cells which signals them to align with said intention. This information is then reflected in our aura and overall energy field, thus assisting you in creating this energy in your life.


How To Apply


Apply as you would any other skincare product. For quicker and more powerful manifestation results, we recommend being intentional when you apply any of our products. We encourage you to speak or think the mantras inscribed on the bottle to further emphasize the intention you are working towards. Incorporating other tools such as meditation, visualization, or manifestation playlists while applying the products is highly recommended to enhance your results.

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