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Experience the
power of sound

Nada Brahma. All is sound. Science is just beginning to confirm what the ancients have always known. 


Sound is energy. Sound is one of of the most direct connections to energy in its purest form that we as humans have shared access to. This is because sound is vibration. Energy in its purest essence can be reduced to vibration and oscillation. When the human body comes into contact with certain vibrations, it supports the body in healing and repairing itself.


We offer unique sessions of sound healing to bring about well being in mind, body, spirit. 

About our sessions

We offer 1-on-1 or small group sound healing sessions. Our sessions incorporate healing vibrations in the form of sound and scent. We combine healing sounds with healing aromas from sacred plants and resins to bring you a unique and powerful experience. We use a combination of instruments including crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, chimes, hand drum, and specific sound frequencies. We also offer herbal tea to help relax you before your experience and ground you after the journey is complete. Healing crystals are used to direct the healing energy throughout the session. 

Sound healing sessions can be combined with custom rituals to create a unique and powerful manifesting experience.



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