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'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.'

We are a brand that is all about energy. We believe that science and spirit go hand in hand. To exclude one is to disservice the other. 

We make products to enhance your aura and help you manifest the things you desire

How does it work?

We use carefully selected organic herbs, oils, stones to formulate products that align with specific frequencies. Every plant, every oil, every stone, etc. has its own energy. We curate these tools based on the intention of the product. For example, when making something intended for love, we will likely use dried rose petals or rose hip oil, as roses naturally omit a frequency of love.

When you apply our products to your body, you are automatically infusing your aura with their frequency and intention. This tunes your energy to that frequency so that you can attract it and manifest it in your life. 

This process occurs whether you are using our products or not. Anything you apply to your body influences your aura and energy field.
We simply strive to be transparent about the ingredients as well as the intentions that are put into our products and services.

When we tune the energy, we tune our reality


Everything is energy. Energy in its purest form can be understood as vibration. It is literally the vibration of particles in space. Particles vibrate at specific frequencies or rates. The slower the vibration, the more dense the energy; the faster the vibration, the more fine the energy. Different frequencies correspond to different states of being. They also correspond with different things we experience or wish to experience. 

When we tune the energy, we tune our reality


aura photography coming soon!

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